Thoughts ahead of Woman Who Lived

Woman Who LivedMuch of the BBC press has been about how good Rufus Hound is in tonight’s Catherine Tregenna story The Woman Who Lived. Obviously a feint as the title and most of the teasers are focussing on Ashildr (Maisie Williams). The trailers look gorgeous, there seems to be a lot of Ashildr / Doctor moments and I do hope this explores rather than only entertains. Of course I want to be entertained too!

Clara is downplayed in the promotional material, probably meaning nothing. I am prepared to be bullish about The Woman Who Lived; the title is elegant in simplicity with girl becoming woman implying time and growth. Catherine Tregenna also wrote a fistful of Torchwood stories (the emotional Out of Time, the Hugo nominated Captain Jack HarknessMeat  and the intriguing Adam), and is very evidently capable of producing a decent story. We shall see!

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