A Weekend at Devil’s End – celebrating The Daemons at 50

Here’s a scary thought — next year it will be 50 years since Doctor Who and the Daemons was broadcast. I don’t remember being the boy who watched it very well, but I remember The Daemons. To be fair I have seen it a few times, and even after a critical rewatch of Liz Shaw’s…

Daemons of Devil’s End review

I was impressed by the Reeltime Pictures The Daemons of Devil’s End and reviewed it for Staburst: THE DÆMONS OF DEVIL’S END. It’s a must watch for any fans of the Pertwee story. Enjoy! +++ Message Ends +++

The Daemons of Devil’s End details

November 13, 2017 should finally see the release of The Dæmons of Devil’s End from Reeltime Pictures. It includes the not released White Witch of Devil’s End, as well as the classic documentary Return to Devil’s End and a third disc of Aldbourne convention footage. There will be Morris Men, as well as Damaris Hayman back as Olive Hawthorne….

The Daemons of Devil’s End

To coincide with the (much delayed and repackaged) release of White Witch of Devil’s End Telos Publishing is releasing a novelisation: Olive Hawthorne: The Daemons of Devil’s End.

Complete History volume 17 reviewed

It may be volume 17, but it is actually the second book released in the Doctor Who The Complete History collection. Not as cheap as the first edition (Complete History volume 55), it is part of a two-for-one and focusses on three Third Doctor stories. I bought this both for the price, but mostly because it covers…

The name’s Who, Doctor Who!

Back here I gave some thoughts as to the literary influences on the Doctor sticking with British influences. It seems to me that I missed out a couple one being the very obvious Professor Quatermass and the other being James Bond. Prompted by a piece on the often fascinating BBC America website I thought I would correct…

A thought for Mayday

Thought for the day Just a quick thought; with today being May Day, what better idea than to treat yourself to Dr Who and the Daemons which was re-released on DVD in March? I know I am!