Legacy Sonic Adventures is on the way!

Jo Grant LegacyThe latest Tiny Rebel Games newsletter for Doctor Who Legacy confirms (at least on iOS) the release of version 3.0 next week (w/c 17 August, 2015). Most features will be present though not all. There is also detail on new characters (including Jo Grant) and no sign of any release this week (no surprise).

What is a surprise to me is that Sonic Adventures, a whole host of new levels, is only available by unlocking; it is paid content. I know they need to make money but this I hadn’t realised until this newsletter.

New features

We don’t get the new level cap to level 60 – that comes a week later, fingers crossed. We do get the new levels, both Sonic Adventures and new Expert Levels. We also get the time cracks and bombs.

Sonic Adventures

If you unlock you get a whole level 50 team of new sonic versions of: the First Doctor, the Doctor’s signet ring, River Song, Captain Jack, Mickey Smith and Jo Grant. No news on colours or powers yet, but not long to wait now!

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