Transmission from Mars! Bernice warns about Sutekh

Bernice_Transmission_from_MarsOut today on YouTube is a frantic message from Professor Bernice Summerfield (played by Lisa Bowerman) regarding the planet Mars and Sutekh! This is, of course, a trailer for the release (tomorrow it seems) of THE NEW ADVENTURES OF BERNICE SUMMERFIELD VOLUME 02: THE TRIUMPH OF SUTEKH. This consists of four stories written by Guy Adams, Justin Richards, James Goss and Una McCormack.

The trailer makes one wish for Bernice to appear in nu-Who (Lisa Bowerman, as you might well know, appeared in the final televised Seventh Doctor story Survival). Sutekh was last seen on screen in the Fourth Doctor story Pyramids of Mars, and this story also features McCoy’s Doctor and Ace (Sophie Aldred).
The video is here:

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