Greyhound One – first impressions

Greyhound OneWith much expectation, Doctor Who Legacy launched version 2.3 of the game with its new content – The Hunt for Greyhound One. As there were delays with launch there is a code for a free time crystal (see pic).

I’ve played this out and thought I’d share some first impressions. Of course the game is free so why not just download it yourself (Android, iOS, Facebook at present) and let me know what you think.

Greyhound One

The levels are fun and different. There is a mix of challenge levels, timed levels and a sort of thread running through. They are available in two guises – either as a set of special levels or as a set of extras at the end of Season 5.

The differences are (afaik) that the special levels are tuned for a level 30 party. This means if you have a maxxed out group you can get through these in a few hours play.

The feel is very Third Doctor with plenty of Ogrons and lots of new characters. On release not all characters were available on the Specials versions though this may have been cured now. The ones I didn’t spot included Bessie and the Brigadier. On the Season 5 set you are guaranteed to get the Brig, Fifth Doctor, Idris and Wilf. I have played more than a dozen times and still can’t get Ace or young Sarah Jane!

My biggest gripe is that the Brig’s power is just called Tactics! There are some good new abilities and it adds to the fun of the game.

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