Even more Legacy teasers for Greyhound One!

Bessie LegacyFirst up thanks to @doctorwholegacy for tweeting my previous post More Legacy Teasers for Greyhound OneNot only was I after a reason to include more of the game’s great artwork (cue Bessie! [the Third Doctor’s Car]) but also wanted to point people to the official, and detailed, news item on the Tiny Rebel Games website: Team Update – August!

And there’s more!

Did everyone spot the news that Tom is joining Legacy?  I quote their tweet:

“Hello-o-o-o” — yes, it’s true, TOM BAKER, the FOURTH DOCTOR, is coming to Doctor Who: Legacy.

Wilf LegacyIf that weren’t good news enough I have now also spotted that Wilf will also appear during Greyhound One – cue a picture! I have no idea how he fits in with Ace, Bessie and the like, but who cares!

Also, have you checked out the game’s wiki? It’s useful for those tricky which character to upgrade to level 41 moments when you don’t have enough gems for two eligible character. I just used it to choose between Gabriella (Gabby) Gonzales and Special Agent Amy Pond. It turns out Gabby has the highest attack in the game so far!

The wiki is: Doctor Who Legacy wiki.


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