The Titan Legacy synchronicity

In a strange synchronicity (coincidence even) no sooner have I reviewed the Titan Comics in which Gabby is introduced, when today’s Doctor Who Legacy advent level is Tenth Doctor Titan Adventures.

Tenth Doctor Titan Comics 1 – 5 reviewed

I reviewed the fist five Tenth Doctor Titan Comics over on Starburst – DOCTOR WHO: TENTH DOCTOR VOL 1, ISSUES 1 – 5. I think I preferred the Eleventh Doctor set – these are quite a different beast. -+- Message Ends -+-

Alice, Cinder and more for Legacy

A few bits and pieces for Doctor Who Legacy this week. In the newsletter we found out there will be a new companion on Sunday (US time) following Kill the Moon. I suspect it will be Courtney though fingers crossed for Lundvik as played by Hermione Norris.

Even more Legacy teasers for Greyhound One!

First up thanks to @doctorwholegacy for tweeting my previous post More Legacy Teasers for Greyhound One. Not only was I after a reason to include more of the game’s great artwork (cue Bessie! [the Third Doctor’s Car]) but also wanted to point people to the official, and detailed, news item on the Tiny Rebel Games website: Team Update – August!