Five Loose Ends for the Eleventh Doctor

Exploding TARDISSomewhere between Day of the Doctor and the regeneration in this year’s Christmas Special (Twelfth Night of the Doctor anyone?) there are a few loose ends that it would be nice to have cleared up. Now I realise that we need to leave some things for viewers to work out for themselves but in my humble there are several that I would like either a direct explanation for or at least something to go on.

Here then is my list of loose ends…

Who gave Clara the phone number for the TARDIS?

At the beginning of The Bells of St John (reviewed here) Clara makes a call to the TARDIS. The Doctor asks how she got the number but all we got was that ‘the woman in the shop’ gave it to her. Early theories that this might be River seem unlikely as River and Clara were both in The Name of the Doctor. Who was it? Ace? Susan?

Why did Amy not remember the Daleks?

I assume this is one that will be swept up by the cracks in time but for a couple of episodes this was a bit of a mystery that I don’t think was explained.

How did Amy manage to grow up originally?

In the first time-line before the rather dubious Pandorica reset Amy grew up in a big house with no parents and an alien prisoner hidden away in a bedroom that couldn’t be seen for years. Really?

How did Rory re-appear?

Rory was removed from history then reappeared though as an Auton (which seemed to get reset by the Pandorica event). What brought him back? Was it a backwards ripple from the wedding? [And on the subject of the wedding how did River survive the reset and how could Amy recreate existence to bring the Doctor back into existence?]

Why did the TARDIS explode?

River could fly the TARDIS better than the Doctor – why then did it explode? Also how does that erase the universe? If this is possible then the Daleks or serendipity would have done it long before. All very dramatic but I’m not sure it’s particularly credible.

Who made it explode? Where are they?

Over to you

Those are the things that are bothering me – what have I missed and what explanations have escaped me?

Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Five Loose Ends for the Eleventh Doctor

  1. Don’t know the answer to the first question… and I am hoping the last will now be cleared up at Christmas… i.e. the mysterious voice that echoed out immediately before the TARDIS exploded says “Silence will fall”. Otherwise, Amy didn’t remember the Daleks because they had been erased already, from her personal timeline, by the cracks (impending erasure of all time-space) caused by the TARDIS exploding. Amy’s life was in the process of being erased. In some scenes she still has an aunt present, looking after her. But in general, the notion, as I’d understand it, is that linear causality and any associated logic cannot be applied… the erasure of space-time around her is non-causal / non-linear in its nature. Rory reappeared as a plastic simulant which was imbued with his personality by the process of extracting the psychic residue from the location of Amy’s house… perhaps from Amy’s memories, or perhaps some kind of universal memory, ingrained in the atomic energy structures persisting in that space-time locality… depending how much quasi-scientific conjecture one wishes to get into! When the universe is rebooted, when the Doctor takes the Pandorica into the heart of the TARDIS explosion, the explosion event itself is effectively erased from history, somehow… cancelled out in some way… so, basically Rory did not get erased by the time energy from the crack… indeed paradoxically none of the events earlier in the season probably happened to the “rebooted” versions of Amy and Rory… and indeed the Doctor “never existed” (although they remember him and their time with him, ultimately, because of their “time traveller” status)… but, in summary, after the reboot, Rory is back to being his human self…. phew! There are of course further paradoxes and conundrums off the back of all this… but then, aren’t there always? 😉


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