Doctor Who series 12 start date – my guess

We are promised series 12 of Doctor Who early in 2020. Just how early is early? Could it be very early? To some extent this is just another piece of clickbait, but I have some logic to go on. There are two things to consider: will there be a New Year special and when will the series start?

New Year special?

In many ways Resolution [of the Dalek] was a success on New Year’s Day and one of the stronger Thirteenth Doctor stories. If you read around various sources such as the Radio Times (who are also talking series 13), it seems we might get a special but at the end of the run. Surely we don’t wait until next autumn?

Let’s assume no New Year special.

January 4 or 5

The big question is Saturday or Sunday? If you want early 2020 without a radical change, these are the two dates. Even if we get a New Year episode, the season run will surely be at the weekend? I don’t see it being both days, and in the UK the BBC has been treating us to His Dark Materials and War of the Worlds on Sundays, so my thought is Sunday 5.

Let’s see what happens!

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