Might there yet be Daleks?

Chris Chibnall has specifically said series 11 of Doctor Who will not bring back monsters from previous years, including Daleks or Cybermen, yet we had a quick glimpse of Cybermen in The Tsuranga Conundrum. So, a little bit of Cybermen, but no Daleks, and we know Jodie Whittaker is keen on meeting them (and Rose and wife Rive Song).

Might it yet happen? Perhaps…

The Daleks could still thwart the Thirteenth Doctor

Here’s an idea. What if the Daleks are in the New Year’s Day episode? Technically it could be argued they aren’t in series 11, yet we still get them soon. Perhaps they are sponsoring the Stenza? Anything’s possible. Wishful thinking, but just in case, you read it here first!

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  1. All I can say is you’re definitely guessing along the right lines.


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