Thoughts ahead of the Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos

So, series 11 is coming to an end and we can look forward to all sorts of articles on how it was or wasn’t as good as hoped, or better or the end of the show or any other opinion. Until then we’ve the small battle of The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos to deal with. What might we get? Do the pre-release gallery photos tell us anything?

Let’s chat…

Ranskoor Av Kolos beckons

I wanted to find an anagram in the name of the battle or at least a way to connect it to something musical like the Genesis track Battle of Epping Forest, but I can’t spot anything. The gallery shows a device looking to me like a large piece of the Key to Time, no doubt an example of me looking for similarities. Mark Addy is the main new actor. and I enjoyed his work on  Atlantis so I hope he gets some decent dialogue. We also get at least some TARDIS, very much underused in this series.

There’s a voice the Doctor recognises; some people are guessing Davros, I suspect Tim Shaw and the Stenza. We shall see.

I also expect a clip for the New Years’ Day story at the end, and I predicted Daleks a while ago (see Might there yet be Daleks) in fact a month exactly and various tabloids have run the idea today. I still feel this is possible, though expect some mixed reactions from fans, both excited and critical series 11 didn’t have any classic foes.

Let’s chat after Sunday!

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