Twice Upon a Christmas

So, we now know the final Twelfth Doctor story will be Twice Upon a Time, a nice nod to the number of Doctors starring in the story. There was plenty of speculation on Sunday afternoon (UK) when the news of Mark Gatiss’s appearance led many fans to speculate he might be playing the Third Doctor, and the idea raised lots of eyebrows (I’m being polite). Actually he’s playing a World War I character, so far known as the Captain. Do we know anything else?

Well, as suspected Pearl Mackie brings back Bill somehow, perhaps in a guardian angel role. First thoughts were a riff on the idea of Wonderful Life, but that seems a bit less likely from the trailer. I have to say I did think the war scene was a recreation of The War Games, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Who precisely will Mark Gatiss be playing? Presumably a Captain Lethbridge-Stewart. No other idea seems likely (another Master in the vein of Sam Kisgart’s work anyone?). No hint of Clara, so she may just be a single scene piece, as the Ponds were for Matt Smith.

No sign of the new monster, plenty of snow and a wonderful Hartnell -> Bradley transition.

How long until Christmas?!

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