Fandom still reacting to Jodie Whittaker’s casting

Jodie Whittaker fan art thirteenth doctor Steven AndrewIt’s been a few days now, and fandom is still (in places) rehashing the same (and in some cases with some validity) range of opinions (positive, neutral and negative) about the casting of Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor.  (Fan art from Steven Andrew).

Fandom is said by some to be in meltdown (eg this Connor Mountford piece: How the 13th Doctor has split a fandomMeanwhile Penguin has already confirmed there will be some new novels (Penguin Random House Confirm 13th Doctor Books — I wish I was on the list of writers!)

Meanwhile Colin Baker has written a great (and widely referenced) article for The Guardian:

I was the Doctor and I’m over the moon that at last we have a female lead

doctor_who___the_13th_doctor_by_owenoak95I do like how positive fan art has been, such as the piece I’ve borrowed for the top of this article, or the OwenOak95 image to the left. Yes there’s some negative, confused people still, including some I ‘know’ via forums / other social media.

Let me quote two philosophers: Nietzsche, That which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger; or perhaps you prefer Rocky Balboa, No pain, no gain! Once the dust settles, people can retreat a bit, build up some more angst around Christmas, then stew for a few months until we get series 11!

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