Sylvester McCoy notes from Big Finish Day 6

Nick Briggs and Sylvester McCoy BF Day 6 #1Sylvester McCoy kicked off the programme at Big Finish Day 6 and answered questions from the hip (hence Nick Briggs’s expression of pain in the photo!).

This post is my rough notes types up in order, I haven’t taken time to re-arrange (much). I hope you find them interesting.


Sylvester has been in studio with Bonnie Langford recently – in one of the stories she gets taken over by Daleks. This is the first time Bonnie has worked with Daleks.

There was lots of Hobbit chat, and much complaining about bloody CGI hedgehogs and rabbits hogging the spotlight.

He is very keen Big Finish makes a version of Silent Movie!

He thoroughly enjoys recording for Big Finish and the way an actor in a booth can suddenly portray a monster with a strangled voice then come out nice as pie afterwards. He wouldn’t mind playing a monster himself, maybe something with tentacles that crushes people. Not a hedgehog!

He spoke about the Five(ish) Doctors Reboot – plenty of admiration for Peter Davison in making it happen, and doesn’t expect any follow up.

When he became the Doctor he had little idea of what the role actually could be for a few stories. As the TV stories moved on the range of the character extended and this has continued with Big Finish. He is also happy to work without companions – more time in centre stage! Given the chance he’d like to take over Top Gear with Peter and Colin (Baker). Presumably he would be the replacement for Richard Hammond, Colin for James May leaving Peter to be Clarkson (apologies for non-UK readers. Google it!).

Sylvester does a very funny version of Paul McGann: worth a listen if you get the chance! He touched on the Minister of Chance – he had no news on the film or on the second series.

Conversation drifted to Counter Measures / Remembrance of the Daleks – it seems the name Chunky Gilmore comes from the nickname given to his gun and phrases like get my Chunky out! He enjoyed working with them on Assassination Games.

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