Seventh Doctor top titles from the Radio Times poll

The Radio Times poll of Seventh Doctor main range titles is out and I have to say the top two include two of my favourite ever, and they may even be my top two as well across all Doctors! The press release is below..

The Seventh Doctor: A new kind of hero?

The latest TARDIS Magazine includes an article of mine — The Seventh Doctor: A new kind of here? and I was pleased to find it right near the front, just after a fascinating Sylvester McCoy interview. Now I have my copy, I really do recommend it and not just for fans of the Seventh Doctor….

Doctor Who: Grey Man of the Mountain review on Cultbox

The final one-Doctor outing for Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Doctor, The Grey Man of the Mountain was a good listen, if not the strongest story ever. I wrote a review for Cultbox, which you can find here. +++ Message Ends +++

Dark Universe details released

Big Finish has released details of the January 2020 main range release Dark Universe. It’s good timing as I’m just listening to the end of Ravenous 4 and recently blogged about Sophie Aldred. It’s the big Seventh Doctor, Ace and The Eleven story by Guy Adams. It’s looking great on paper…

Science of the Time Lords

If you can get to Leicester anytime over the weekend of 26-27 January 2019, why not pop along to the National Space Centre? Not only is it an interesting place in its own right, but (for the fifth year in a row I think) it wil be hosting a Doctor Who packed event Science of the Time…

Sylvester McCoy announced for Big Finish Day 2018

The first guest announcement for Big Finish Day 2018 is the Seventh Doctor himself, Sylvester McCoy! Details on the FaceBook event page discussion. Who next? Sophie perhaps? Who do you want to see? Will you be there? Let me know! +*+ Message Ends +*+

Learn the Science of the Time Lords!

The National Space Centre in Leicester are holding an event titled Science of the Time Lords, the weekend of January 28/29 2017. It looks like a great line up of events and guests include Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Nicola Bryant and Sophie Aldred (and tons more, including Dan Starkey and Terry Molloy). *** Message Ends ***

Diary of River Song Series 2 review

The Diary of River Song Series 2 sneaked into the December 2016 release schedule to add to our Christmas fun, and what a pleasure it was. Better in many ways than Series 1, this time River meets two classic era Doctors, the sixth and the seventh. This means more confusion, memory manipulation and adventure! Next stop,…

Maker of Demons reviewed

Matthew J Elliott brings the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Mel trilogy to an end with Maker of Demons. It offers a less explored angle on the Doctor and a good mix of dark story with lighter, though grim, dialogue. In some ways it’s Doctor Who and The Tempest, but in a good way. Unlike Forbidden Planet there are no…

Theatre of War reviewed

Justin Richards adapted his 1994 novel Theatre of War for the Big Finish Doctor Who Novel Adaptations range. A Seventh Doctor story, this has Ace and Benny as companions and is also notable for the first appearance of Irving Braxiatel (who has been important to the Bernice Summerfield range). The story starts as an archaeology story, then becomes a mystery,…

Big Finish Day 6 – Starburst Report

I produced a report on Big Finish Day 6 for Starburst Event Report: Sylvester McCoy at Big Finish Day 6 – Saturday, January 17th. Do let me know of anything you think I should have added! See you in September at Big Finish Day 7! *** Message Ends ***

Sylvester McCoy notes from Big Finish Day 6

Sylvester McCoy kicked off the programme at Big Finish Day 6 and answered questions from the hip (hence Nick Briggs’s expression of pain in the photo!). This post is my rough notes types up in order, I haven’t taken time to re-arrange (much). I hope you find them interesting.