Could Shona join the TARDIS

Faye Marsay as Shona in Last ChristmasNow and again I look at those characters that could become companions one day. So far I have spotted a couple in the Big Finish universe (Liv Chenka and Sally Morgan), and now I’d like to propose another. The latest of these inconstant companions is Shona, as played by Faye Marsay (pictured) in Last Christmas.

Lot’s of fans have made this suggestion, and the Teeside Gazette Live has a piece Doctor Who: Faye Marsay wows critics in Christmas special of BBC show telling you everything you need to know.


Something about Shona reached out to teach viewers in a way that other characters didn’t. Nick Frost was all knowing as Santa, it was nice to see Michael Troughton (who did little) but the most elaborated minor part was Shona.

The dance to Slade was a surprise and oddly effective but the telling moment was when, as they rode in the sleigh, she asked if they could all stay in touch. We then saw her real life, and in a snapshot crafted with laser precision got the failed relationship and her loneliness on Christmas Day. We the viewers responded to her as a human being and want to know that things work out for her.

What are the chances?

Her viewing list for Christmas Day was the list of films that Last Christmas drew upon for its setting, so she is definitely the engine of this story. Do we need another shop worker (in the style of Rose)? Well she is ordinary even if she doesn’t meet my criteria (see The next companion).

I suspect she could come back, James Corden like, and perhaps Clara could show her the ropes of travelling with the Doctor and even leave the Doctor in her care for series 10. Perhaps, though if I were a gambler I’d only put a few galactic credits on a single re-appearance.

Thoughts? Did you like the character of Shona or not? Let me know!

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