Dark Eyes 3 promotion

Dark Eyes 3 promoOver on FaceBook Big Finish has released two versions of a poster for Dark Eyes 3. There are two versions with either the Eighth Doctor or The Master to the fore. This spells out what we expected – the next set will be a confrontation between these two old enemies. It’s curious how the side effect of licensing means that despite having been involved at the start of the McGann regeneration it is only now that the Master appears against him in audio.

I don’t begin to understand the Master’s timeline and how the Macqueen Master fits in with everything else. I’m sure someone can direct me to the details!

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  1. David Sampson says:

    Macqueen’s Master is ,according to Dark Eyes 2, directly after the Roberts Master, as the Time Lords fished the Master out of the Eye of Harmony to do some missions for the Time Lords (as the Master puts it, ‘Softening him up for something else’ (the Time War probably). Also, according to the latest DWM, it’s meant to be more of a direct conflict between the Doctor and Master (and Eminence and the CIA (because Narvin’s in it))


    1. Tony Jones says:

      Thanks David. I must get the latest DWM – I understand Matt Fitton is heavily involved in Dark Eyes 3. I also don’t know much about Narvin as I’ve never heard any of the Gallifrey releases (there goes my street cred!)


  2. Elizabeth Thorne says:

    Yeah. He must have regenerated again, though, to be the fob watch Master that regenerates into the John Simms Master.

    I fear that BF are “going organic” with this plot. They clearly aren’t managing the release schedule, particularly if you listen to the comments including with the new 4th Dr. series, “Destroy the Infinite”. “Yeah, it’s odd that this will actually come out a bit later than the sequel”. Yeah, like 18 months later! Jumping from 6th and Mel to 4th and Leela??? And resolved by #8 and Molly. It’s like if you’re a BF writer and you need some filler you call up the Eminence. So, I’m thinking that DE3 will be a story about the Eminence in name, but it’ll be all about all the other sub-plots in terms of actually story telling. Oh, well, we’ll know in 16 weeks.

    Gawd knows what DE4 will be… Is it my imagination or have stories involving #7 and #8 become universally baroque? It seems that it isn’t a 7th or 8th Dr tale unless it has a zillion twists and second-guesses. I like it for those two; I think it works. lol No wonder the 9th Dr is such a minimalist!


    1. Tony Jones says:


      Good point on the baroque. For me 7th has almost too many twists at some points. I’m not sure the emminence is a filler more an idea that has suddenly been grafted in and maybe part way through the creation of the sixth doctor story


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