The R3 Companion Chronicles Collector’s Guide Part I

Companion Chronicles 1 - 4With the end of the Companion Chronicles coming I’m producing a two-part guide in the style of The R3 Main Range 1-50 Collectors Guide. As ever this is intended as a reference and you might wish to bookmark this page if you are still building up your collection.

This covers the first four series; the second part (Series 5 – 8) will appear later.

The details

These are my opinions which are similar to many people’s though for all the ones I’ve left blank I am sure that there are many people who love them. You’ll see that (for me) the series took a while to get going with the better stories in later series.

My definitions are:

  • Classic – must have, great stories
  • Essential – you need this to follow a story arc, or for some other reason
  • Good – the best stories
  • Interesting – this has one or more features that make it worth listening to

Companion Chronicles Series 1 – 4

Release Title Guide Notes
1.01 Frostfire
1.02 Fear of the Daleks
1.03 Blue Tooth Good Liz Shaw’s story is the best of the bunch by far
1.04 Beautiful People
2.01 Mother Russia
2.02 Helicon Prime Good Jamie and a great impression of the Doctor
2.03 Old Soldiers Good The Brigadier – enough said
2.04 Catalyst Essential A decent story and the start of Leela’s ‘arc’
3.01 Here there be Monsters Interesting Susan narrates an intriguing story
3.02 Great Space Elevator
3.03 Doll of Death
3.04 Empathy Games Good Leela fights for her life on Synchronis
3.05 Home Truths Classic The first of the Sara Kingdom trilogy
3.06 Darkening Eye
3.07 Transit of Venus Good Ian Chesterton in an historical masterpiece
3.08 Prisoner’s Dilemma Interesting This links to the Key2Time trilogy
3.09 Resistance
3.10 Magician’s Oath
3.11 Mahogany Murders Classic Welcome Jago & Litefoot!
3.12 Stealers from Saiph
4.01 Drowned World Classic More of the Sara Kingdom trilogy
4.02 Glorious Revolution
4.03 Prisoner of Peladon Good A great return to Peladon
4.04 Pyralis Effect
4.05 Ringpullworld Good Turlough in a strange but glorious story
4.06 Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal Code Good Even the title is great
4.07 Suffering Good Another great historical
4.08 Emperor of Eternity
4.09 Shadow of the Past Good Liz Shaw and a UNIT Vault!
4.10 Time Vampire
4.11 Night’s Black Agents
4.12 Solitaire Good Charley, a puppet and the Toymaker

Just how good was series 4?

Feel free to let me know where you disagree!

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