The Kamelion Empire review on CultBox

I have to take my hat off to fellow writer Jonathan Morris for his rather splendid The Kamelion Empire. It’s the concluding part of a Fifth Doctor trilogy with companions Tegan, Turlough and Kamelion (Jon Culshaw). It’s a cleverly constructed (much like Kamelion itself) tightly performed gem. Why? Read my review here: Doctor Who: The…

Black Thursday / Power Game review on CultBox

February 2019 continued the trio of stories with the Fifth Doctor, Tegan, Turlough and Kamelion. It’s a pair of contrasting tales: Black Thursday / Power Game by Jamie Anderson and Eddie Robson, and jolly fine they are too! You want more?! Check out my review on CultBox: Doctor Who: Black Thursday/Power Game review. <+> Message…

Devil in the Mist review on CultBox

January 2019 kicks off with a rare return for writer Cavan Scott with Devil in the Mist. It’s a Fifth Doctor story with Tegan, Turlough and a first Big Finish appearance for Kamelion (voiced by Jon Culshaw). I enjoyed it much more than I expected to; my review is on CultBox: Doctor Who: Devil In The Mist review. ***…

Short Trips: Trap for Fools review

A new writer to the Short Trips range (though possibly is the actor who has appeared in many Big Finish releases, including lots of early Benny stories), Stephen Fewell has the distinction of writing for Mark Strickson in the Fifth Doctor / Turlough story A Trap for Fools. I’m biased, but I do like the Short Trips range, and this is another…

Memory Bank reviewed on Cultbox

I reviewed the main range Fifth Doctor and Turlough collection The Memory Bank and other stories over on CultBox. It’s part of the October roundup I did with Ian McArdell. Ian also have some kind words on my story Rulebook! The review is part of: Big Finish’s ‘Doctor Who’ audio stories: October 2016 reviews round-up. +++ Message Ends +++

The Memory Bank announced

A May Bank Holiday news piece gives details of the October release in the Big Finish Doctor Who main range. Full information on the Big Finish website: DOCTOR WHO: THE MEMORY BANK AND OTHER STORIES. This means we’ve had five Peter Davison Fifth Doctor boxsets in 2016, and we get a somewhat overdue set of stories for the Doctor and Turlough.

Subscriber Short Trips 2011 reviewed

The 2011 Subscriber Short Trips are a varied set of interesting stories by a range of authors and readers. [Note – the stories were re-aligned to make sure each quarter had a specific story. They didn’t necessarily appear in this order at the time for the earlier years.] Let’s get on with the reviews!