Two more Lost Stories announced for November 2019

Big Finish has announced two Lost Stories will be released November 2019; Stephen Gallagher’s Fifth Doctor adventure Nightmare Country and the Wally K Daly Sixth Doctor story The Ultimate Evil (the picture shows Nicola Bryant, Wally and Colin Baker). I’ve long since wanted to hear Wally’s story having discovered some of his other work on BBC Radio 4 Extra (or 7 as was), and reading about how Big Finish previously approached him but he’d already been involved in a fund-raising audiobook version for RNIB and Rotary.

Synopses for The Ultimate Evil and Nightmare Country

The Ultimate Evil by Wally K Daly

The Doctor and Peri’s holiday plans go awry when they cross paths with the slimy super-salesman Mordant and his scheme to start a war.

Nightmare Country by Stephen Gallagher

The Doctor wakes up on a planet of relics, a dead world, a hostile world… He has no memory of who he is, or how he got to be here

The stories will also feature Peri, Tegan and Turlough. The cast also includes Tracey Wiles and Beth Chalmers.

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