Main Range 51 – 75 sale!

13 Christmas BaublesBig Finish has announced a main range 51 – 75 sale as it’s Thirteenth Day of Christmas. Apart from being a fun way to end the Twelve Days sale and introduce a week long January sale this is important for other reasons.

Collecting the main range

There are (currently) over 180 main range titles. If you discover Big Finish now there is a lot of back-catalogue. Much of it is brilliant or highly relevant for current story arcs. You don’t need it all by any means and can enjoy the new material for what it is but there is a lot that is worth having. If you lurk on the Big Finish forums you will quickly see many old favourites get mentioned.

How can a newcomer afford to get the old titles? The only real answer is sales. For several years the 1 – 50 range went on sale in the summer and that is how I collected them (I started when Big Finish was well in the 130+ count of main range releases). Last year the whole set went on permanent sale and will move to download only.

Since 2012 fans have been asking for the next set to go on sale and while there have been many ad hoc sales (I collected 14 / 25 that way) there was no easy way to complete that set. With this new sale the Rubicon has been crossed. Maybe this means a 76 – 100 sale for the summer? Probably not, I expect it will be another year.

Until then a chance to get the divergent universe titles and a few more – look out for those reviews!

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