Main range 1-50 on sale for ever!

Main Range 1 - 50To mark the anniversary Big Finish has put the first 50 main range titles on sale FOR EVER! Unlike previous summer sales where they may be on sale for a day or a weekend there are massive savings for all time! Whether or not we will also get a summer sale remains to be seen, but for now this is a chance to complete your collection of early releases. This, of course, resonates with the show’s 50th anniversary (50 and 50!)

Details are as follows:

  • CDs £5
  • Download £2.95

If you want CDs get them while you can – once current copies are sold there will be no more pressed. This is not a move to download only, just a reflection that these titles are now rather old and many organisations would have deleted such old stock by now!

More details on the Big Finish website here.

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3 thoughts on “Main range 1-50 on sale for ever!

  1. This is great, it was only yesterday I made a list of all the ones I needed from the first 50, strange! Although I’ve got an instant set I shall buy immediately it makes me annoyed that after this I probably won’t be able to see the dream of having a full collection as the physical copies are limited.


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