The R3 Main Range 1-50 Collectors Guide

Big Finish 50

The title may not be snappy but this is something I have been toying with for a while. It’s a quick list of the first fifty Big Finish main range titles and my own views of what are the titles you might want to collect first. Given the news of the new pricing I thought I would produce this to give any newcomers to Big Finish some sense of where they might like to invest first. Don’t forget the prices will never go up so why not bookmark this post and refer back to it whenever you feel like investing?

Rating the main range

My definitions are:

  • Classic – must have, great stories
  • Essential – you need this to follow a story arc, or for some other reason
  • Good – the best stories
  • Interesting – this has one or more features that make it worth listening to

The first fifty

1The Sirens of TimeEssentialSurely you must have the first release?!
2PhantasmagoriaGoodThe main range quickly finds its feet
3Whispers of TerrorInterestingAlready Big Finish show that they are serious. Lisa Bowerman is a star
4The Land of the Dead
5The FearmongerGoodA powerful story with Jacqueline Pearce
6The Marian ConspiracyEssentialThe first appearance of Evelyn!
7The Genocide MachineInterestingFirst Dalek story and part of a mini-arc
8Red DawnInterestingSets out part of the Big Finish Ice Warrior mythos
9The Spectre of Lanyon MoorGoodThe Brigadier and Evelyn with a great supporting cast
10Winter for the Adept
11The Apocalypse ElementGood / interestingLalla Ward and more of the Dalek mini-arc
12The Fires of VulcanInterestingSay hi to Melanie Bush
13The Shadow of the ScourgeInterestingA Benny cross-over story
14The Holy TerrorInterestingOne for Frobisher fans
15The Mutant PhaseInterestingA re-worked AudioVisual tale and part of the Dalek mini-arc
16Storm WarningEssentialThe Eighth Doctor joins the party and we meet Charley
17Sword of OrionClassicCybermen and a wonderful re-telling of an AudioVisual classic
18The Stones of Venice
19Minuet in HellInterestingThe Brigadier and a re-work of an AudioVisuals tale
20Loups-GarouxGoodThis one lingers long in the memory
21Dust Breeding
23Project: TwilightEssentialIntroducing The Forge and (indirectly) Hex
24The Eye of the ScorpionInterestingThe introduction of Erimem
25ColditzClassicThe introduction of Klein and David Tennant!
27The One DoctorInteresting / GoodHumorous but not to everyone’s taste
28Invaders from Mars
29The Chimes of MidnightClassicA ghost story for the Eighth Doctor and Charley
30Seasons of FearGoodA New Year’s feast of adventure
31Embrace the DarknessInterestingAn odd but well told story
32The Time of the DaleksInterestingA Dalek story that doesn’t really work but is part of the mini-arc
33NeverlandEssentialA key part of the early Charley arc
34Spare PartsClassicBeware the Cybermen!
36The RaptureInterestingBack story for Ace and Tony Blackburn!
37The SandmanInterestingThe dark side of the Sixth Doctor
38The Church and the CrownGoodFun with Peri in the Paris of Dumas
40JubileeClassicThe Dalek story that went on to TV
42The Dark Flame
43Doctor Who and the PiratesClassicSinging and emotion in a finely wrought piece of genius
44Creatures of BeautyInterestingAn odd tale that plays with the form
45Project: LazarusEssentialThe Forge arc continues
46Flip-FlopInterestingWe meet the Slithergees in this clever tale that can be listened to out of order
47OmegaInterestingGuess who?
48DavrosInterestingAnd guess who again?!
49MasterInterestingDoes what it says in the title!
50ZagreusClassic / Good / Interesting / MadZagreus sits inside your head…

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