Spore by Alex Scarrow announced

Alex ScarrowThe August eshort in the Puffin 50th Anniversary range will be Spore by Alex Scarrow. From his website alexscarrow.co.uk it is clear that he is a very successful Uk author who has worked for Puffin before. He has the TimeRider series to his credit which I have not read but does point us in the direction of an author familiar with the idea of time travel! How will get on with the Eighth Doctor?

The synopsis for the book is as follows:

In a small town in the Nevada desert, an alien pathogen has reduced the entire population to a seething mass of black slime. When the Eighth Doctor arrives, he realises this latest threat to humanity is horrifyingly familiar – it is a virus which almost annihilated his entire race, the Time Lords…

Unlike the Destiny of the Doctor this appears to be a companion-less tale. I am very intrigued to find out where the character of the Eighth Doctor gets taken given how little Mr Scarrow may have to work with…

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