Doctor Who: The Women who lived announced

Coming in September 2018 is another collection of Doctor Who stories with a female companion spin: Doctor Who: The Women Who Lived: Goodnight Stories from the Whoniverse. There’s no cover yet, but writers so far announced include Simon Guerrier and Christel Dee. We do have some details:

Meet Doctor First

You’ve no doubt spotted the mash-up Doctor Who meets the Mr Men, but perhaps you want to know more about them. I was wandering the Puffin site, and found this taster for Doctor First: Five hilariously Whovian moments from Dr. First. Enjoy! — Message Ends —

T is for TARDIS

Of many new titles coming out to grab the attention (and wallets) of Doctor Who fans in the next few months, I’m most attracted to T is for TARDIS by Adam Howling. It’s a Puffin book aimed at teaching young children their alphabet. I assume Gallifreyans have something more complicated written in their own script when they are…

Lights Out by Holly Black reviewed on Starburst

I’ve reviewed the latest Puffin Twelfth Doctor short story Lights Out by Holly Black on Starburst. The review is here – bottom line is this is a very good story, and a must have if you enjoyed the rest. /// Message Ends \

Holly Black announced as Twelfth Doctor writer for Puffin

Just when you thought the 50th anniversary was over, Puffin has decided to add to its series of ebooks. The Twelfth Doctor story will be penned by Holly Black and is called Lights Out. Little is known of the plot, but as to Holly she is a multi-best selling author of various things including the Spiderwick Chronicles (co-written with Tony…

Who’s reading whose Who?

Puffin will be releasing a £9.99 download of all eleven of their Doctor Who short stories in audio. These are read by various people including Nick Briggs, Sophie Aldred and some of the authors. Full details in my Starburst news item. -|- Message Ends -|-

Neil Gaiman announced as Eleventh Doctor writer for Puffin

As I reported on StarBurst, Neil Gaiman is to write Nothing o’Clock for Puffin in what will the last in their series of 50th anniversary celebrations. The article also has details of other releases that are coinciding with this one. All will be available on November 21st. -^- End Transmission -^-

The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage by Derek Landy reviewed

October 23rd, one month to go and like clockwork up pop (on the kindle) the Derek Landy Puffin story The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage. As the picture (from the Derek Landy blog) shows this is a Tenth Doctor and Martha story. Familiar as the author of the Skulduggery Pleasant books I wondered how this would pan out with the…

Derek Landy announced as Tenth Doctor writer for Puffin

Derek Landy, author of the Skulduggery Pleasant stories, has been revealed as the author of the latest Puffin eshort. This Tenth Doctor story is entitled The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage and  will be released on October 23rd and is available to order now (Kindle only). Nothing yet on his blog Blogs Under Duress  but stay tuned. The plot…

Beast of Babylon by Charlie Higson reviewed

So, September 23rd and the Beast of Babylon by Charlie Higson is released for Kindle. This Puffin eshort story is, as one would expect, a Ninth Doctor story. So far this series has been more hit than miss, but where would this particular tale lie? There are some massive spoilers in this which I will try to…

The Beast of Babylon by Charlie Higson announced

The September Ninth Doctor story from Puffin will be The Beast of Babylon by Charlie Higson. This eshort story will be available on Kindle from September 23rd and can be ordered now. I’m sure details will emerge between now and then but until they do we have the synopsis from Amazon to keep us entertained: When a…

Three to go – Will JK Rowling write for Doctor Who?

With September dawned and the next Puffin e-short author / title to be revealed tomorrow (Tuesday) now seems a good time to wonder ‘Will JK Rowling write for Doctor Who?’ It is known that she was asked to write for the TV show but declined; with Puffin allowing well-known children’s authors to produce short stories…