Meet Doctor First

You’ve no doubt spotted the mash-up Doctor Who meets the Mr Men, but perhaps you want to know more about them. I was wandering the Puffin site, and found this taster for Doctor First: Five hilariously Whovian moments from Dr. First. Enjoy! — Message Ends —

T is for TARDIS

Of many new titles coming out to grab the attention (and wallets) of Doctor Who fans in the next few months, I’m most attracted to T is for TARDIS by Adam Howling. It’s a Puffin book aimed at teaching young children their alphabet. I assume Gallifreyans have something more complicated written in their own script when they are…

Holly Black announced as Twelfth Doctor writer for Puffin

Just when you thought the 50th anniversary was over, Puffin has decided to add to its series of ebooks. The Twelfth Doctor story will be penned by Holly Black and is called Lights Out. Little is known of the plot, but as to Holly she is a multi-best selling author of various things including the Spiderwick Chronicles (co-written with Tony…

Who’s reading whose Who?

Puffin will be releasing a £9.99 download of all eleven of their Doctor Who short stories in audio. These are read by various people including Nick Briggs, Sophie Aldred and some of the authors. Full details in my Starburst news item. -|- Message Ends -|-