Dark Eyes 2 – more details announced

Dark Eyes 2 GenericBig Finish has made plenty of details available for Dark Eyes 2 (out in February 2014) – check the product page if you want the full story. If you’re unsure just be aware it contains the Eighth DoctorDaleks, the Master and lots more!

I have summarised below and added some thoughts…

The four parts

First the key points from the four parts:

  1. The Traitor by Nick Briggs: Liv Chenka is helping slaves under the Dalek regime on Nixyce VII. There are the inevitable freedom fighters but the Eighth Doctor has his own agenda
  2. The White Room by Alan Barnes: Molly o’Sullivan is back in London trying to help people but dealing with several mysteries. Can the Doctor get the Surgeon General to give some answers
  3. Time’s Horizon by Matt Fitton: The Doctor and Molly encounter Liv Chenka on the cryo-ship Orpheus. What is the ancient force on the very edge of creation?
  4. Eyes of the Master by Matt Fitton: The Doctor, Liv and Molly go back to the 1970s and a new timeline for the Ides Institute (a thread from Dark Eyes 1). Why have Molly’s dark eyes become the centre of a plot to control all life in the universe!


Nick has relinquished control and we have yet to hear how this will work. Nick still did all the direction. I like several elements from the synopsis including Liv coming back from Robophobia (and I suggested that she should be a companion ages ago!), not joining all the characters until near the end and the Master. Adding in a detail from the first boxset is also interesting to me and I really can’t wait to hear more.

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