Angel’s Kiss reviewed

Just released on eBook format only (and I could only find it on Amazon though you don’t need a Kindle just the software) is the book that the Eleventh Doctor was seen to read during The Angels Take Manhattan (which I reviewed here).

This is a low price novella (it cost me £1.71 and is around 85 pages long) by Justin Richards (who has written many Doctor Who books and a couple of Short Trips for Big Finish).

The style is very noire fiction (i.e. hard boiled detective, first person narrative) and it think it works well for that.

We don’t learn why River is in New York, nor why she has taken the name Melody Malone (though it sounds good) but we do learn about the demise of the East Coast film industry and a link is made (though not heavily) to the TV episode.

It doesn’t cover any of the content that the book in the show was meant to cover which is  a slight disappointment – apart from that it is a piece of fun and filled a train journey home admirably!

River as Melody Malone is also well suited to this type of story – let’s hope we get some more!

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