While I’m in the mood for printed Doctor Who (see review of The Angel’s Kiss) I remembered that I downloaded the free PDF story Snowfall from the BBC website (available here as are lots of others so expect some follow-up reviews).

Written by both Gavin Collinson and Mark B. Oliver this is a tale of two estranged brothers David and Jack Kershaw who find themselves on a deserted snow swept station meeting in a Brief Encounter style tea room (staffed by Amy and with Rory as the only other customer) and comparing tales of how they met the Doctor.

The first tale of how Jack met the Doctor in a theatre in a deeply frozen adventure (Cold Snap by Mark B. Oliver) is my favourite of the two stories in that it is nicely rounded, scary and self-contained. The second story Vampire Hurricane didn’t sit so well with me – it involves vampires (really!) that I have yet to absorb into my whoniverse model and also the overused saving of human civilisation from imminent disaster.

The wrapper story in the station and the brother’s reconciliation is a bit cheesy but this is free after all and I love the postcard!

What do you think? Go on, download it today!

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