Get over it

Farewell or au revoir?

So, Amy and Rory will leave the show in the next season as the BBC have announced (link no longer available) and this has lead to somewhat mixed reaction.

My view is ‘So what?!’, companions come and go, Rose could probably have stayed one more series, and this is a show where even the lead has changed multiple times.

I mostly like the characters, though Amy got pretty one-dimensional last season (despite efforts), and Rory is either dead or a superhero (the Last Centurion!). And there’s River to consider!

We are promised heartache (so no chance of coming back?), but for me let’s not forget a new face (or more?) will appear. I’d like Sally Sparrow (see here) who was in Blink of course, written by Moffat. Maybe a historic face – a young Florence Nightingale, a suffragette who knows? Whatever, we will all judge and gossip and the current incumbents will join the legion of those who passed through

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  1. kenyawoodstock says:

    I would love to see someone from anywhere but contemporary Earth. All of space and time and the last few companions have been humans from present day? But while this is just a personal preference, the most important thing is for the character to be well-written and conceptualized. We need to move beyond a female who PINES for The Doctor. It would be nice to have a character who isn’t snarky and sarcastic, although I doubt Moffat will go that route judging by his past writing (both Who and non Who). Regardless, Amy and Rory’s time is finished. Bring on someone new.


    1. HelmStone says:

      Agreed – the need to have a contemporary character for the audience to identify with must be long gone. Maybe someone from the future who regards our time as shockingly primitive?


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