Sally Sparrow

Who can forget Blink? Possibly the greatest episode of the new Doctor Who on TV (it regularly tops polls or gets listed in favourite lists) this outstanding tale heaped credit on all involved from direction, writing, acting, casting, production… In the midst of all that the plot is carried by the wonderful acting of Carey Mulligan playing the fabulous Sally Sparrow. Even at the time I know plenty of people were wondering if she would ever hop aboard the TARDIS and she clearly is an inconstant companion.

Why the acclaim?

I’ve really said it all, the character and the acting are fantastic. There  was an instant chemistry with the Tenth Doctor and a great mix of naivety, confidence, vulnerability and the kind of spirit that would respond well to the range of new situations in which she would be found.

Chances of  a return

Sadly the chemistry was with the Tenth Doctor and the current set-up is rather crowded with the Pond family. Still given she was a Moffat creation there must be a possibility!

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