Free titles from Candy Jar books

There’s a Kindle giveaway thanks to Candy Jar Books, with five titles now free! The promotion runs for five days from 16th June 2018, and includes several Lethbridge-Stewart titles! It’s done in line with the Doctor Who on twitch event, and is the last giveaway until Autumn.

Available titles are:

  • ’48 Crash: Aliens visit the Radio One Roadshow. A special edition
    Lethbridge-Stewart short story to celebrate the 50 th anniversary of BBC
    Radio 1 (Amazon Uk link here)
  • The HAVOC Files: A collection of short stories featuring Doctor
    Who legend, the Brigadier. Includes exclusive story, The Enfolded Time (Amazon UK link here)
  • Mind of Stone: Doctor Who legend, the Brigadier, finds himself in
    Wormwood Scrubs prison after blowing up a small village. The only way
    to escape is to befriend the prison’s most notorious prisoner! (Amazon UK link here)
  • The Dreamer’s Lament: The Brigadier finds himself trapped in the
    past in a village full of zombies (Amazon link here).

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