The Brigadier Declassified

The Candy Jar Books celebration of Fifty Years of the Brigadier is now available and retitled The Brigadier Declassified. It’s a bargain at £8.99 (+pp) web price, and covers TV, Big Finish, books and much, much more.

New Brigadier short story collection

As well as treating us to The Brigadier: Fifty Years of Lethbridge-Stewart, Candy Jar Books is also giving us a chance to buy a collection of eight short stories, with each book sold donating £1.50 to the Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff.

The Brigadier at Fifty

Just imagine – the Brigadier has now been part of Doctor Who for a massive fifty years! Thanks to Candy Jar Books the Brigadier’s anniversary is covered in depth in THE BRIGADIER: FIFTY YEARS OF LETHBRIDGE-STEWART. Full details on the website, but here’s a taster:

Another free book from Candy Jar

Over on the Candy Jar site there’s another freebie (we had several giveaways recently). This time it’s the Lethbridge Stewart story Piece of Mind by James Middleditch, set in Glastonbury where the Brigadier is on a retreat. You can get your copy here.

Free titles from Candy Jar books

There’s a Kindle giveaway thanks to Candy Jar Books, with five titles now free! The promotion runs for five days from 16th June 2018, and includes several Lethbridge-Stewart titles! It’s done in line with the Doctor Who on twitch event, and is the last giveaway until Autumn.

Lethbridge-Stewart audios on the way!

Interesting news from Fantom Films / Candy Jar books is a set of readings of the Candy Jar Lethbridge-Stewart titles. These are read by Terry Molloy and more details are on the Fantom Films website here. (-> Message Ends <-)

Free from Candy Jar – Lethbridge Stewart Fright Before Christmas

If you nip over to the Candy Jar website, you can pick up a free short story for Christmas! Tom Dexter’s The Fright Before Christmas is a Lethbridge-Stewart story, the only clues being Santa and a tree on the cover. The link is on the page for forthcoming release Moonblink by Sadie Miller. <<< Message Ends >>>

Dogs of War review on Starburst

What’s not to like about the Brigadier meeting Gilmore from Counter Measures in the new Candy Jar free short story Dogs of War? my thoughts on Starburst: THE DOGS OF WAR. ..- Message Ends -..

Beast of Fang Rock review on Starburst

I reviewed the Andy Frankham-Allen book The Beast of Fang Rock here on Starburst. If you don’t know, this is a Candy Jar Books title, setting out part of what happened to the Brigadier after Web of Fear. Details of their whole range are on their website: Lethbridge-Stewart. -=- Message Ends -=-

Lethbridge-Stewart: Schizoid Earth available to pre-order

If you enjoyed The Forgotten Son, then pop over to Candy Jar Books where you can now pre-order the next Lethbridge-Stewart book, The Schizoid Earth by David A McIntee. Details are on Candy Jar Books Schizoid Man. This reminds me to get on with my reading and catch up with this intriguing series.

Free Lethbridge-Stewart eBook

If you’ve thought about Candy Jar’s new Lethbridge-Stewart books, you might want to take advantage a free eBook – Top Secret Files. This is available from the Forgotten Son page, and while mostly just a set of promotional bits and pieces is free (or 99p on Kindle) and will give you a good idea of the style of…