Musical episode of Doctor Who revealed [April Fool]

In a leak guaranteed to sow discord amongst fans, Norwegian Composer Olaf Poril has revealed he has composed the songs for a forthcoming musical episode of Doctor Who. New companion Bradley Walsh is expected to feature heavily in this episode, given his recent chart success with Chasing Dreams, the best-selling British debut album of 2016.

While other shows have done the same (eg Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Once More With Feeling, and Once Upon a Time with The Song in Your Heart) this may be a step too far for fans. It should be noted Big Finish did a musical story for the Sixth Doctor back in 2003 with Doctor Who and the Pirates, and let’s not forget Russell T Davies (as revealed in his book The Writer’s Tale was looking at working with Bjorn and Benny from Abba on a musical version of Torchwood!

It looks like all bets are off when it comes to predicting just what Chris Chibnall has planned for the Thirteenth Doctor!

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