The Day She Saved the Doctor (CD) – some notes

The Day She Saved the Doctor CDNot only did I have the chance to review the Puffin book The Day She Saved the Doctor, but I also had a copy of the 4xCD audio reading.

Rather than a review, I just want to jot down some notes.

The Day She Saved the Doctor (CD) notes

With a book about female companions, written by female authors, it’s inevitable it will be read by female readers. It’s a fine idea, but somewhat uneven in execution.

The Fourth Doctor / Sarah Jane Smith story (Jaq Rayner’s Sarah Jane and the Temple of Lies) is read by Yasmin Paige who played Maria Jackson in The Sarah Jane Adventures. It’s a nice touch, but fails to capture the spirit of the Doctor. There are some glitches in the reading that could have been edited out and it’s a shame. Yasmin is a good actor with a terrific voice, but on this evidence audio reading is not something she is overly familiar with.

The Jenny T Colgan, Rose and the Snow Window is well read by Rachael Stirling (several Big Finish roles and Ada Gillyflower in the Doctor Who story The Crimson Horror). It’s a good reading, as is Catrin Stewart’s read of the Susan Calman story Clara and the Maze of Cui Palta. Catrin is, of course, known for playing Jenny Flint.

The final story, Dorothy Koomson’s Bill and the Three Jackets. Pippa Bennett-Warner (Saibra in Time Heist and several excellent recent performances for Big Finish) doesn’t just read, she performs. Her Doctor is Scots, her Bill could almost be Pearl Mackie, and every character has a clear sound and presence. It stands out from the rest of the set due to the contrast in delivery, and it’s a shame for the three other readers.

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