One Doctor, Two Hearts

One of the first products with the new Doctor Who branding is a Penguin book for young children: Doctor Who: One Doctor, Two Hearts. It’s a learn to count book, ideal for young time tots [did I really just write that?!], written and illustrated by Adam Howling.

The blurb gives a sense of what’s inside:

One Doctor. Two Hearts. Three Knocks. Four Daleks . . . Doctor Who counting book with a timey-wimey twist on every page! Featuring Doctors, companions and monsters both past and present, kids of all ages will love this Doctor Who numbers book.

In the wonderful style of T is for Tardis, this includes stunning original illustrations, in a retro style, on every page.

The Penguin link lets you see a few pages, including:

One ancient Doctor (First Doctor of course)

Two beating hearts (Tenth Doctor plus Rose)

FIve all together, a rather fun short of the first five Doctors

Thirteen just arriving: the Thirteenth Doctor of course!

I do wonder if the counting stops at thirteen, which would be weird, or perhaps it’s a leak of the next few Doctors! I also wonder if they have new number between eight and nine for the War Doctor. Time will tell!

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