What might the Thirteenth Doctor’s first words be?

Not long now and we will get at least three (if not four) Doctors in the Christmas special! I’m wondering what the Thirteenth Doctor’s (Jodie Whittaker fan-art c.o. BBC America) first words might be, and I’m sure it will be a riff on Colin Baker’s opening speech. Colin has already tweeted an update version of the text:

Change my dears and not a moment too soon – she IS the Doctor whether you like it or not!

My guess, we will get some recognition of the gender change, then the phrase It’s about time! I like this for the double-meaning, but perhaps it’s too similar to the Sixth Doctor‘s first lines. Time will tell [sic].

BTW – I found something called WikiQuote and this article: Sixth Doctor. Expect lots of updates in twelve days time!

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