What Wonder Woman tells us about the Thirteenth Doctor

Gal Gadot Wonder WomanI finally caught up with the (excellent) Wonder Woman movie. On they way home, apart from thinking about plot twists, special effects, action sequences and great photography, I also thought about the the nature of female heroes. While Wonder Woman may be more Jessica Jones than Doctor Who (despite David Tennant!), and outfit wise I suspect Jodie Whittaker may eschew the sword and skimpy outfit, the two characters are not that far apart.

Let me explain…

Comparing Wonder Woman to the Doctor

Without diving into spoiler territory for the film (do go and see it), I believe Diana Prince’s motives can be summarised as follows:

  • As an Amazon she is from a race superior to humanity
  • She defends humanity from evil
  • She cares for humanity and has compassion despite seeing their weaknesses
  • She puts herself at risk doing what is right.

In my mind you can cross out Wonder Woman and replace with Doctor. We don’t yet know what style of Doctor Jodie Whittaker will play, nor how she will dress, will she have a sonic and what companions / TARDIS design. We do know she is the Doctor, and it’s very clear this transcends the side-show of gender.

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