Big Finish Summer 2017 sale

Something different for summer 2017, a two-week sale across a range of titles, including some very recent. Outside of the various Doctor Who ranges, there are offers on the first set of Prisoner stories (and the second set is out soon), and Survivors series 3. Full details on the news item: BIG FINISH SUMMER LISTENING OFFERS!

Of course on this blog I’d like to focus on our favourite Time Lord and his friends, so here are my thoughts on those stories on offer.

Summer 2017 Doctor Who sale items from Big Finish

Marketing executive Paddy Freeland picks a Companion Chronicles classic The Scorchies by James Goss, and a good choice it is as Katy Manning tells us how Jo Grant deals with these monstrous singing puppets – all together now: Jo is making a thing… If you want entertaining and a broad grin on your face, pick this one.

Writer Andrew Smith picks The Red Dawn, an early main range Fifth Doctor and Peri story. It’s a really strong Ice Warrior story and a good example of why people should explore the older (and really inexpensive) parts of the back-catalogue. Several familiar names amongst the cast, including Jason Haigh-Ellery, Gary Russell and Matthew Brenher. There’s even an early appearance from Georgia Moffett. Not one I’ve reviewed here – note to self, post reviews of all the old titles. One day.

Ian Atkins chooses Jago and Litefoot Series 9 on the basis that this is their holiday boxset. To be honest, you don’t need a reason to listen to Jago & Litefoot, and if you don’t have this one, buy it now. Stop reading this and buy it. Well done!

David Richardson selects Across the Darkened City from the recently released First Doctor Companion Chronicles Volume Two. It’s a remarkable story from a really strong set.

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