Is the Doctor already on Mondas?

MondasWe know the current season ends with Mondasian Cybermen, but what if the Doctor is already on Mondas, before their creation? A bit of Friday nonsense, or just possible (not that others agree — I had a chat with JR Southall over on FaceBook, who feels it’s one mad idea too far)?

Enter Mondas

This week’s episode is called The Lie of the Land, and we assume the liar in question is Missy. But we know the Doctor lies, and we know Steven Moffat lies (for effect). What if the land itself is the liar? What if this isn’t Earth but Mondas, yet to be chucked into space, and the Doctor here just to turn its destiny?

This would explain the no-show of Kate Stewart’s UNIT, but of course mean Bill is from Mondas. Would this be fatal? I don’t think so.

What do you think?

One thought on “Is the Doctor already on Mondas?

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