Thoughts ahead of The Lie of the Land

So, what do we know? Well, Bill seems to shoot the Doctor (didn’t River do that?) and Missy might be pulling her strings (a bit Witches Familiar?), meanwhile the Doctor has joined the enemy and gone a bit eccentric (presumably playing a long game). The trailers are scant, so what else do we know, and what might happen?

What is the Lie of the Land?

I’ve already had one off the wall idea as to what the Lie might be, but on a more serious note we seem to have an alternate world at play (a bit Turn Left?) and a bleak one it is to. I expect some blunt political messaging (and one of the show’s continuing characteristics) along with some plotting from Nardole – I do hope Nardole has a better part to play this time. I am really looking forward to Missy meeting Bill, and here I suspect we will see just how good an actor Pearl Mackie is.

Beyond that I just hope Toby Whithouse turns in a decent story!

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