Torchwood 1.7 Greeks Bearing Gifts

Greeks Bearing Gifts was an episode of Torchwood series 1 I remembered well. I knew it was about Tosh and her relationship with the team, but I’d forgotten just how compelling Daniela Denby-Ashe was as alien Mary. The story has some similar themes to earlier episodes with the exploitation of alien tech for personal ends,…

Lie of the Land review

Now everyone else has had their say on Lie of the Land [note to self – it’s The Lie of the Land], I’ve decided too add my two penneth. For the first time this series, I liked the episode a lot more than I found fault. It’s not perfect, there are obvious holes, but it took…

Thoughts ahead of The Lie of the Land

So, what do we know? Well, Bill seems to shoot the Doctor (didn’t River do that?) and Missy might be pulling her strings (a bit Witches Familiar?), meanwhile the Doctor has joined the enemy and gone a bit eccentric (presumably playing a long game). The trailers are scant, so what else do we know, and what…

Under the Lake reviewed

So, the Twelfth Doctor and Clara have mixed with ghosts and the richly varied inhabitants of the oil exploration base Under the Lake. In some ways this felt a bit like The Impossible Planet / Satan Pit though next week’s concluder looks to be much more of a juxtaposition. I enjoyed it, though have some thoughts (ware spoilers).

Thoughts ahead of Under the Lake

We move on to the next two-part story for the Twelfth Doctor and Clara with Toby Whitehouse’s Under the Lake. There’s plenty of trailers, intro and pictures on the BBC page to whet the appetite and I thought I’d share my first thoughts.