Under the Lake reviewed

Ghosts Under the LakeSo, the Twelfth Doctor and Clara have mixed with ghosts and the richly varied inhabitants of the oil exploration base Under the Lake. In some ways this felt a bit like The Impossible Planet / Satan Pit though next week’s concluder looks to be much more of a juxtaposition. I enjoyed it, though have some thoughts (ware spoilers).


A very good mix of characters with the most one-dimensional quickly converted to ghosts (or are they?) Writer Toby Whithouse has given us a set of intriguing personalities and the deaf /sign-language commander worked well and seemed like more than just an excuse for the later lip-reading.

There were shades of Nigel Kneale’s Quatermass and the Pit with regards the alien spaceship, which is no bad thing.

Clara and the Doctor are in a place in their relationship familiar from series 8, with Clara helping the Doctor behave better. Plenty of running, some science-y bits and a reasonable sense of tension and mystery.

[pullquote]Clara being dead could have been more compelling[/pullquote]

The Doctor ended up separated and the teaser of him becoming a ghost may have been an obvious twist though is effective. The story did spend a long time setting up the ghosts as the dead, just to give us the how can the Doctor be dead ending. Clara being dead could have been more compelling.

Of the new characters I am minded to keep an eye out for o’Donnell (played by Morven Christie), for reasons I will make clear in another post.

Overall, as I said, I enjoyed watching this, it may have been thoughtfully paced, but wasn’t slow and I have a good feeling about next week. Thoughts?

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