Thoughts ahead of Under the Lake

Under the LakeWe move on to the next two-part story for the Twelfth Doctor and Clara with Toby Whitehouse’s Under the Lake. There’s plenty of trailers, intro and pictures on the BBC page to whet the appetite and I thought I’d share my first thoughts.

Base under siege

Yes a classic Doctor Who setting, and why not? There will be similarities to dozens and dozens of other adventure, including recent ones such as 42 and Last Christmas but so what? This is (we are told) a ghost story, something we get less off and they normally end up being misunderstood aliens / time travellers and so on. I will be looking for reminders of Nigel Kneale’s Stone Tapes and also watching all the new people for possible Clara replacements. More on that in a separate post!

Until then, let’s look forward to Saturday evening and compare notes over the weekend!

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