T is for TARDIS

Of many new titles coming out to grab the attention (and wallets) of Doctor Who fans in the next few months, I’m most attracted to T is for TARDIS by Adam Howling. It’s a Puffin book aimed at teaching young children their alphabet. I assume Gallifreyans have something more complicated written in their own script when they are born!

Doctor Who Alphabet

I’ve not seen the actual book, but thought I’d make my own Doctor Who alphabet:

A is for Axons (or Artron Energy, or Autons)

B is for Bannermen (or Bandril, or Bessie)

C is for Cybermen (or Celestial Toymaker)

D is for Daleks (or Davros, or Doctor;-)

E is for Exxilon

F is for Fluid Link (or Fendahl)

G is for Gallifrey

H is for Harkness (Capt Jack thereof!)

I is for Ice Warriors

J is for Jamie (or Judoon)

K is for K9 (or Kamelion, or Key to Time, or Kaleds)

L is for Logopolis

M is for Mondas (or Master, or Missy, or Macra)

N is for Nimon

O is for Ogron (or Omega)

P is for Peladon

Q is for Quarks

R is for Rose (or Ribos, or Rassilon)

S is for Sontarans (or Silurians, or Sonic Screwdriver)

T is for TARDIS (or TARDIS)

U is for Usurius

V is for Varga plant (or Voord)

W is for Weeping Angels

X is for ???

Y is for Yeti

Z is for Zoe (or Zygons, or Zero Room, or Zarbi)

Move along now, nothing to see here!


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