The Nameless City reviewed

February’s Puffin electronic story (estory if you will) was The Nameless City by Michael Scott. It popped onto my Kindle on the 23rd and I sat down to read it hoping it would be a step up from last month’s Big Hand. I haven’t read anything by Micheal Scott so had nothing against which to judge it, though I was pleased when I saw his website.

How did I find it? Well, with some spoilers, find out by reading on…

The Story

This is a Second Doctor and Jamie story that starts in London with a broken down TARDIS stuck whilst Jamie goes out seeking an improbable amount of ingredients to repair it including a lake of mercury and a vast quantity of gold. Needless to say Jamie doesn’t find these. Instead he rescues an antiquarian book dealer from a mugger and is rewarded with an ancient book.

Taking the book to The Doctor an ancient power is triggered transporting the TARDIS to the world of the Archons who claim to have invented Time Lord science and need a TARDIS to infiltrate Gallifrey and take over history. As luck would have it they also have a lake full of mercury and other rare elements and the upshot is that the Doctor and Jamie escape thanks in no small part to some bagpipe and recorder playing!


Hunting around I find that there is a Star Trek story called The Return of the Archons and also that Patrick Troughton played a character called Archon in a Space 1999 story. A lovely touch if it was done on purpose as surely it must have been.

The first part of the story is excellent; well written and immediate. Both The Doctor and Jamie feel convincing. The story gets rather grand with its extension to Time Lord mythos and ancient books but it is a younger readers story and works as a story.

Definitely a step up and I was pleased to have read it.

Have you read it? Did you think it was better? Let me know!

Tony, February 2013


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