Maisie Williams – now we know!

Maisie Williams in the TARDISThanks to the BBC themselves, and a small bit of detective work, we know a lot more about the Maisie Williams character than we did. If you want the details, read here about how BBC Books has given it all away with the synopsis for a book to be released in December called Legends of Ashildr, which seems to be written by James Goss, Jenny T Colgan, Justin Richards and David Llewellyn.

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  1. Ian McArdell says:

    Managed to studiously avoid this press release and the scuttle around it. Only just remembered to look up what the book is about… That Justin Richards is a busy bee, isn’t he!


    1. Tony Jones says:

      He is cropping up a lot at the moment. I don’t know if I’ll get this particular title though. I’ll think about it after tomorrow’s adventure


    2. Tony Jones says:

      Justin does get around! I may get this book, but am not rushing!


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