Opening River Song’s Diary in DWM #489

Mr and Mrs SongSpoilers ahead! The latest issue of DWM has plenty of details about the upcoming Diary of River Song courtesy of script editor Matt Fitton. He introduces plot details, casting, episodes names and writers. Big Finish has also published a piece on this: DOCTOR WHO: MEET RIVER SONG’S HUSBAND!

It all looks wonderful, and January should be a great start to a year of new-Who releases!

The details

Here are the highlights; if you want more buy the magazine!

First up is The Boundless Sea by Jenny T Colgan, a tale giving us River the archaeologist

Next is I Went to a Marvellous Party but Justin Richards. This is back in the noire world of Melody Malone, as might be expected given Justin wrote Angel’s Kiss

James Goss takes the reins for the third story, a love story called Signs

Matt Fitton gets to close the set with Rulers of the Universe and here River encounters her earliest (so far!) incarnation of her future husband, the Eighth Doctor

A terrific cast includes Paul McGann, Alexander Vlahos, Alexander Siddig, Imogen Stubbs and Samuel West. We also explore the mystery of just who is Mr Song – well Big Finish are saying he is River’s husband!

Roll on January!

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