River and the Eighth Doctor – first thoughts on Doom Coalition 2

doom_coalition_2_slipcase_coverI’ve kept the most intriguing of the June 27 announcements to last; River Song and the Eighth Doctor together (we assume) in Doom Coalition 2. This has a specific release date of May 2016 and now three companions: Liv Chenka, Helen Sinclair and River Song.

How will this work and what potential is there for fan-moments? How will continuity get preserved with new-Who, and how will Silence in the Library get explained?

The immediate challenge

In Silence in the Library, River Song makes it clear the Tenth Doctor is the youngest she has met. We know River lies (as does the Doctor) but we also know that the Doctor had no idea who River was. A conundrum and one I hope isn’t solved with some convenient amnesia. My guess? The Time War erases events at the end of their time together.

[pullquote]Benny and River should meet[/pullquote]

One more for Big Finish fans (and novel fans…) is how the Doctor will treat River given how much time he has already spent with a time-travelling archaeologist in the form of one Bernice Summerfield? Surely this will be handled (and in some later adventure [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Benny and River should meet[/inlinetweet]). All very interesting!


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