The Diary of River Song – first thoughts

Diary River SongThe single item most news sites seem to have gone with to sum up the news of Big Finish bringing more new-Who to audio is River Song. Another £20, four-hour plus interview disc boxset, The Diary of River Song will appear in 2016.

It is easy to understand why; River Song is a well-defined character and quite capable of attracting a new audience tor Big Finish audios. What more can we say?

Initial details

We’ve been told nothing of the plot but have the great title – The Diary of River Song. River is known for her diary and this is a splendid title. We know nothing of the writing but we have some cast – Samuel West (was rumoured to be in line to be the Doctor and played Morbius for Big Finish), Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor (and I will discuss this more in a later post) and Alexander Vlahos.

I don’t believe we will get Dorian Gray in this story, much though I think it would work as an idea. My reason is Alexander himself tweeted that the news item was not about Dorian. Some fans have wondered if this is a lot of River all at once; I wonder more how well she will set in a catalogue that also has a lot of Bernice Summerfield. Time will tell!

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