Doctor Who Legacy – one year on

Cinder in Doctor Who LegacyIt’s been a year since Doctor Who Legacy first appeared on our smartphones and tablets and what a year it’s been. To mark the event and give lots of clues as the many, many things the developers have planned, here is a letter from Lee the Creative Director of the game.

It is well worth a read though be warned – you might get excited. It repeats some snippets we have had already, but they are still nice to read!

The details

In the order given, Anthony Ainsley will join as another Master, there’s four levels of a prologue coming for the next chapter in time for the birthday, and for the game’s actual birthday a mega-level with Zygon copies of all 13 Doctors, 2 time crystals and TARDIS+!

The advent calendar is coming. Something called Bigger on the Inside will go right back and give content pertinent to the First Doctor story The Gunslingers, and the vastly important Tenth Planet – does this mean a regeneration scene?

Advent itself will give new companions from Titan Books. Cinder is definitely coming in levels written by George Mann who wrote Engines of War. There’s a reminder about Kylie’s Astrid and Frank Skinner’s Perkins.

As advent arrives the Seasons 8 episodes will go. Future seasons / stories will arrive in chunks rather than all at once. There’s tons more.

What are you looking forward to? Let me know!

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